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Donate Tiny October 2023 - The Politicization of Truth under the Empire of Lies

26-10-2023 The Politicization of Truth under the Empire of Lies

Truth is an absolute which cannot be changed, modified or invalidated, even using arguments such as observational perspectives, and absolute truth is real and exists no matter how the Empire of Lies wants to convince the Googlians that this is not the case.
When JAR2 was started in the aftermath of 911 times were different and the belief was that truth mattered and that through the spreading of that truth a change could be made in the world, first starting locally with my initial group of friends and followers and then globally as it grew in reach and scope eventually becoming what one friend of JAR2 called the Alexandria Library of Truth.

The truth is that killing 1,999 people as a catalyst for endless war is a war crime, killing the native inhabitants of a territory to build a fake state is genocide, attempting to cull billions from the global populace through fabricated pandemics, secretly administered vaccine sterilization and secretly released genetically targetting biological weapons are also acts of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Through the publication and release of documents, files, fact-based interviews, articles and real journalism, JAR2 has fought relentlessly to spread the truth and counter the lies being propagated and spread in order to facilitate global domination and geopolitical objectives through war, terror and destruction by the Empire of Lies.

There was a point when we were winning and the truth was actually beginning to reach the masses but then they began to take us down worldwide one by one and through all of their instruments of manipulation and the takeovers of media and big tech they proceeded to silence us and politicize the truth.

To pull in, reach and control the masses the Big Tech liars need endless billions to create modify spread and support their endless lies, distractions and instruments of control and with their incestuous relationships with the governments of the Empire of Lies and under the control of those in power they operate lock step to destroy truth, dissent and spread fear. When you realize like I did many, many years ago that in the post 911 paradigm we live in a world run by a Cabal of elites whose only goal is complete and total global control then perhaps you will understand the value of the truth.

JAR2 has paid a huge price for publishing the truth and making it available to the entire planet but traffic continues to grow. During the Trump years and the US military intelligence QANON operation the truth became further politicized, and then with our lifetime ban from Twitter and now X and all globalist social media their efforts to silence JAR2 went from covert to overt, and now that we are in a state of war we cannot allow the truth to become a casualty.

The JAR2 group of sites remains on-line in these darkest of times like a beacon of light and we ask you for your support. If you donated to JAR2 in the past or would like to we ask you to make a small donation today to help us stay on-line. Our expenses are not as high as the big tech monsters but we do run our own servers and have multiple high speed lines and monthly outlays just to stay on-line.

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Для меня честь называться русским индейцем


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Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса






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